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ķʽȼȸɼеɷֲͨȴ޶ȵʹNO ŷ5س̵Ƭʽ̵󽵵չ˴ʹЧʸߴ 95% 

 Product introduction:
Cast iron module boiler with its new design concept, excellent performance, environmental protection and efficient image and long service life, has become a high-end products of boiler industry. Module boiler thermal power small single, small volume, light weight, easy to transport installation, cover an area of an area small, easy to install building basement or roof, reduce boiler room cost, the basement for the modification of the boiler narrow space and built after the boiler room is very practical. Boiler modules can be single run independently, parallel composition of larger small boiler heating system. Composed of its heating system, through the form a complete set of computer control, in order to open and close the boiler module, according to the need to adjust the volume of heating heat load, every module runtime work in the best condition, energy saving effect is significant.
Product features:
1, relatively independent modules boiler, can separate maintenance, failure rate is small, no spare boiler, save equipment investment. 2, by simply adding modules boiler stations can increase the quantity of heat, expansion of convenient in engineering and economy is
3 boiler is made of cast iron, cast iron module, durable, operation maintenance cost is low.
Advanced precision casting production process and the crystal overlapping iron combining produce has a perfect set of excellent shape and surface quality of cast iron, has a long life, strong thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-rust, good elasticity, the characteristics of the running safety.
4, cast iron has high heat storage capacity, so as to increase the thermal efficiency of boiler.
Blast combustion, thermal load and mechanical load distribution uniformity, maximize by heat conduction and radiation heat energy, make NO emissions to a minimum.
5, three return become warped type flue design, such as flue gas flow resistance of flue gas was greatly reduced, expanded the heat transfer area, make the thermal efficiency can reach above 95%.

Horizontal atmospheric pressure hot water boiler fuel (gas) cast iron module of nc feature description

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